Popular FPS game FORTNITE Already PS4, XBOX, IOS, iPad, can be played with Android in August 2018. As a result of actually doing, it is a crushing defeat. I gradually learn jump shots and aiming, but I can not beat it. Actually I have won a solo championship several times, but I lose a lot in the city where there are many players.

fullsizeoutput_b05I am not good at Asia in my case. Are there many cheats in Asia as well? Or does not it match? It is totally bad.

fullsizeoutput_afbImpression of twin shotgun is too strong and it is foul. Since 105th comes out with a single blow, if you drive in before you reload two shots your opponent is instant death

fullsizeoutput_af0It is a remote rocket launcher. There is so much space as to explode, so it depends on how you use it

fullsizeoutput_a48It is 50 VS50 playground. It is better to hit the opponent who gathers items before entering the honest circle and kill it

fullsizeoutput_a4fHe is an emot of Angel who is conscious of heaven in the early emotions

fullsizeoutput_9c1I have won the championship several times but it is good for the victory that the tactic that enters the kill with full power is hidden desperately to become the last digit. Because FORTNITE pro gamer ‘s Ninja tactic is impossible at first, if you imitate it from the beginning it will not work out at all. If you meet everyone in the game, please voice



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